Welcome to People Results

People Results is a leadership development consultancy providing services and programs to build and enhance the presence, influence and results of people in organisations.  Our unique space is to listen, understand and enable your key employees to step fully into their personal strengths and abilities and step up to being highly-effective leaders.

The Source of Success?

What is the primary source of success for organisations of all sizes and types?  At People Results, we believe it is you and me.  It is the quality and commitment that people bring to their role and their team every day; it is the value of our additional voluntary efforts; and it is the deep conviction and motivation to challenge ourselves beyond our previous best performances and results. 

A Core Competitive Advantage

Since 2005, People Results has been providing our clients with the significant competitive advantage of senior professionals and managers who are prepared and ready to make a smooth transition into more senior roles when the opportunity arises.  Our emphasis is on the acquisition of vital interpersonal communication skills, executive presence and influence building practices to become the leaders that others want to follow.

We invite you to browse our coaching and training programs which are grouped into the following specialties:
                                                             Focus on Women
                                                         Influential Leadership

                                                     Leadership Communication

People Results:  Your People-Development Partner

If you are seeking to weave the power of talented high-achievers throughout your organisation, People Results would like to partner with you to make this objective a reality.  All our programs are available to be adapted to your specific needs and outcomes and can be facilitated internally or externally.  Selected programs are also offered as public workshops throughout the year in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

Would you like further information on any of our programs?  Would you like to explore the possibility of working with People Results?  We look forward to your inquiry via telephone on 1300 167 981, by email or by completing and submitting the form on the right.