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Management and Professional Communication Skills

Personal Best Selling provides a blueprint for success in professional selling.  It has been written for salespeople who are just starting out but it is also useful for salespeople who want to refresh their skills and motivation for success.  

If you aim to be more skilled, more confident and more successful in professional sales, Personal Best Selling will guide you to the top of the profession.  In every chapter there are case studies, exercises and  practical selling techniques such as: 
  • Creating an outstanding brand as a professional salesperson 
  • Developing a deeper understanding of your customer's behaviours 
  • Discovering the customer's deeper needs through expert questioning 
  • Interpreting the customer's verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Building customer relationships faster and more effectively 
  • Boosting your creativity to become highly competitive 
  • Responding positively to objections 
  • Managing hidden objections and stalls 
  • Taking risks and being innovation 
  • Making ethical choices and decisions

CHAPTERS: 1 Self-Awareness  2. Customer Focus  3. Questioning Skills  4. People Reading  5. Relationships  6. Creativity  7. Managing Objections  8. Closing Skills  9 Risk-Taking  10. Building Character

Format:  Paperback                       Pages:  253                         ISBN 9780646486130                        Price:  $25 + postage

How to purchase:  Please contact People Results direct on 0421 998749 or via email.