Have you thought about what game you are playing in your career and your life?  Is it ‘the Big Game’ or ‘the Little Game’?  These are subjective terms which are open to multiple interpretations depending on one’s perspectives, beliefs and values.  We... Read More
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Some people are sceptical that executive presence has anything to do with them.  For a few, I tend to agree.  They are those who are naturally endowed with poise and polished interpersonal communication and relationship building skills and abilities.  Most of us, however, have to... Read More
If only we could bottle confidence!  I'd buy the biggest bottle... Read More
The Word is Confidence. - 24 February 2017
The word crops up quite often in our workshops and coaching conversations. The word is ‘confidence.’  Program participants may talk about how they have “lost some of my confidence,” “my confidence is down” and “I’d like more... Read More
The Getting of Gravitas Part B:  "I want to be taken seriously."“I want to be taken seriously” is an aspiration for many ambitious managers and senior professionals.  It is a statement made by participants in our Read More
  In a recent Executive Presence for... Read More

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