If we venture into a cage of lions, we need to be primed and ready to defend ourselves against attack.  The lions will try it on and an experienced lion tamer knows it is a game of power and bluff as he or she only has a chair, a whip and their own presence in... Read More
“Seeing is believing,” is a well-employed saying which can be extended to “Seeing is remembering.”  Another similar expression is “Out of sight, out of mind.”  If I don’t ‘see’ you, you may not exist in so far as I... Read More
Most people, young, old and in-between, want to be attended to, to be noticed and appreciated for our contributions and worth.  Hence the addictive pull and popularity of social media.  We cannot get enough of it!  But is it possible for social media to deliver the kind of... Read More
Have you thought about what game you are playing in your career and your life?  Is it ‘the Big Game’ or ‘the Little Game’?  These are subjective terms which are open to multiple interpretations depending on one’s perspectives, beliefs and values.  We... Read More
                                 ... Read More
Some people are sceptical that executive presence has anything to do with them.  For a few, I tend to agree.  They are those who are naturally endowed with poise and polished interpersonal communication and relationship building skills and abilities.  Most of us, however, have to... Read More
If only we could bottle confidence!  I'd buy the biggest bottle... Read More

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