Executive Coaching


A People Results’ Executive Coaching Program assures the personal growth and professional development of your most talented managers and executives.   It enables them to gain new insights, increased leadership skills and renewed confidence. 

For it to be successful, the foremost and most critical element is to match the coach and/or mentor who will work most effectively with your key senior employee.  We select coaches and mentors for their actual leadership experience in addition to their academic and coaching qualifications. 

With real-world business and market experience, People Results’ executive coaches and mentors have the lived experience of how they rose to meet various challenges, how they took up opportunities and brought their team and organisational goals to fruition. 

As an executive coaching firm, our primary value lies in sourcing, framing and managing your coaching and mentoring experience from commencement through to the point of successful completion.   In most cases, we achieve results that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

“My People Results’ executive coach proves to be a strategic thinker, with the ability to rapidly assess her clients' needs. Her extensive experience enables her to provide guidance to those in a wide variety of industries. She can guide executives on the most appropriate ways for them to make improvements to their existing work practices.” ~ Director, Government Department

Is Executive Coaching Right for Us?

People Results understands that you are assessing the business case for making an investment in executive coaching and/or mentoring. 

Will coaching meet your people development and business goals?  Is now the right time to introduce an executive development initiative into your organisation? 

People Results has five questions to assist in your initial planning and decision-making:

  1. Are significant changes in structure, roles and responsibilities occurring now or in the near future?  
  2. Who is responsible for navigating the risks and achieving the large goals in your business?  Does he/she have a track record of success at this level?
  3. Do your emerging leaders have gaps in their leadership skills, experience and maturity?
  4. Who has recently moved into a senior role with higher responsibilities?  Is there any possibility that she/he could fail?
  5. Are you implementing a strategic human resource initiative, such as increasing the representation of women at senior levels?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, now is the right time to implement an executive coaching and/or mentoring initiative.  Obviously the greater number of affirmative responses, the stronger your business case becomes. 

For an individual response to your needs including costs, please contact People Results for a confidential discussion via telephone or email. 

People Results’ Executive Coaching enables Managers and Executives to Adapt, Lead and Execute.

Executive Coaching Outcomes

People Results’ Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs are individually shaped and structured to meet the personal growth and professional development needs of individual managers and executives. 

For Our Participants:

  • Awareness of how others perceive you and how to manage these perceptions
  • Clearly-defined personal development goals that align with the organisation’s
  • Improved interpersonal communication and relationship-building.
  • Enhanced leadership and change management capabilities.
  • Improved individual and team performances and results.
  • Increased levels of self-confidence and role satisfaction.

For Client Organisations:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence to lead and manage positively and well
  • Bottom-line benefits of increased revenues, profits and share price
  • Reduced turnover as staff members respond well to changes in their managers
  • Higher productivity as managers and teams become more motivated and engaged
  • Increased resilience to get through the tough times in good shape
  • Benefits from realising opportunities to build coalitions and alliances

Executive Coaching Purposes

Our Executive Coaching programs are customised to the unique requirements of individual managers and executives.    While purposes and needs are diverse, there are recurring themes such as:

  • Transitioning into a new executive role
  • Developing a confident, polished executive presence
  • Leading change and the associated business/people issues
  • Influencing and networking strategies and skills at senior levels
  • On-boarding a senior manager or senior executive
  • Stepping up to leadership roles for women managers
  • Enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Managing group dynamics and diversity
  • Understanding and managing different personality types
  • Managing relationships with key stakeholders
  • Building productive business alliances
  • Advanced listening and communication skills
  • Advanced group presentation/public speaking skills

Contact us today by  telephone 0421 998749 or email to discuss your leadership development objectives.  We look forward to having this conversation with you.