Complimentary Resources

People Results writes and publishes books, articles and case studies in addition to our program learning materials and course guides.  

We research and write on leadership, coaching, mentoring, executive presence, management skills, interpersonal communication skills and career topics.  

You are invited to read, download and share these complimentary resources with others who may also find them relevant and useful for their professional development.  Our only request is that the People Results logo and contact details be retained thereon.  

We welcome feedback and invite you to make contact by telephone on 0421 998749 or email.

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James Robbins' email on confidence is a decision - January 2017

Leadership Vignettes

We thought we were too big to be taken over by another company.  We were wrong!  The story of how a woman CEO had to transform herself in order to lead her people through a major change event.

If we discover wrongdoing in our company, we need courage to stand our ground and do what's right. 

Leadership Skills  


Is having high social capital an unfair advantage?  Learn about its many benefits for your career. 

Managerial Communication Skills

Women are excellent negotiators when we negotiate for our team and organisation.  When we negotiate on our own behalf, we unknowingly run into mental barriers and blindspots.  

Become a champion networker by adopting these five strategies for networking success.

If you are fortunate, you will have an extraordinary manager come into your career.  I did!  This article looks at what made him extraordinary - his character, his communication abilities and his consistency.

Executive Coaching Tools and Models

Even the most positive person will have some negative self-talk in her/his head!  It's how we deal with it that counts. 

The Decision-Tree, a system to organise delegation and decision-making in teams.

Career and Job Search

Whatever the circumstances, a period of unemployment is fraught with personal challenges and uncertainty.  Information and tips for job seekers to maintain strong self-esteem and keep on going, no matter what.