Conversations that Count Workshop

The Challenges 

‘I’ve been putting off having this conversation for weeks now.  Just can’t seem to find the right time to talk to her.'

‘Once I start it, how can I control where the conversation goes and where it ends?’

'I know I should, but I’m not sure how to approach this conversation with my manager.  He’s not that easy to talk to.'


Despite all the ways we are able to connect with each other, we often fail to communicate.  We know we should sit down face to face and discuss the issue that is threatening our team and our results.  But instead we hold back and put off having the conversation.  But the burning issue does not disappear or solve itself.
Conversations That Count is the circuit-breaker!  This Half-Day Workshop is packed with information, models, tools and tips on how to conduct highly-effective workplace conversations.  From a conversation with a senior executive or manager, to a conversation with a team member or one of your peers, you will have it covered.

Who Should Attend 

Emerging leaders, executives, managers and professionals who seek to improve their conversational abilities and gain more confidence when conversing with others in ways that are open and beneficial for them, for others and for their organisations.

Key Outcomes 

  • Developing the enhanced communication abilities of a proactive leader who has conversations with others knowing his/her purpose and having clear outcomes in mind.
  • Acquiring and practising a highly-effective model for positive and productive conversations in organisational settings.
  • Increased confidence and preparedness to initiate important conversations with people at all levels, within and outside the organisation.
  • To be aware of the typical barriers and difficulties which commonly arise during these challenging conversations and to be equipped and ready to resolve them.
  • To become a role model for other o how to resolve a variety of management and performance issues through having highly-effective and timely conversations.
  • Enhanced organisational outcomes in areas of employee motivation, engagement and retention.

Workshop Description 

Conversations that Count is a highly practical, interactive learning experience designed to inform and equip participants with the skills and motivation to have highly-effective conversations with others at all levels of their organisations.

Module 1:  A Structure and Tool-Kit

  • Scenarios and Solutions
  • The Elements of a Productive Conversation
  • A Structure/Model that is easy to use and recall
  • Core Techniques and Approaches
  • Conversations that Count with Senior Managers
  • Practice Sessions (2)

Module 2:  Challenging Conversations

  • What gets in the way of Productive Conversations
  • Anticipating and Meeting these Challenges
  • What to do  when the Other Person is not Cooperative
  • How to Get the Derailed Conversation Back on Track
  • Conversations that Count with Direct Reports
  • Practice Sessions (2)



Workshop Inclusions  

Arrival tea/coffee and morning tea

Conversations that Count Resource Guide

Personal Action Plan

What Participants Say

“I enjoyed myself, learnt a great deal about the tools for having conversations that count and feel energised to make these changes.”
Assistant Director, Government department
“Very valuable to have a versatile yet simple model.  I am confident I can apply it in my role.”
Finance Manager, Mining Company

“Relevant and timely.”
Operations Manager, Energy Corporation
“Essential learning for new managers and good reinforcement and tools for more experienced managers.”
HR Manager, Information Technology
“Having these conversations before things get out of control, I expect to get better outcomes in the future.”
Development Director, Major Construction Company

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