Tailored Leadership Programs

The Middle Ground of Leadership

People Results excels in developing leaders in the middle ground.  The middle management team is a vital leadership segment because:

  1. It is the seed-bed for growing the organisation’s future senior leaders. 
  2. It is where the senior executive team’s major strategies and change initiatives are implemented. 
  3. It is where individuals are flexible and prepared to adapt and change their leadership behaviours. 
  4. It is where strong performances and results mean senior executives do not have to oversee and intervene in the day-to-day operations.
  5. It is where leaders build motivation and commitment within their teams for the organisation's vision, purpose and goals.

What is contained in a People Results’ Tailored-to-You Leadership Program?

After we have consulted at different levels and with every stakeholder, we design a program that incorporates the identified needs, perspectives and objectives.  We tailor the program around:

  • the current high-priority issues
  • the gaps in skills and experience
  • the new and modified behaviours, skills and practices
  • the outcomes that will have the most significant and lasting benefits

We look at everything:

  • content
  • how the program is structured
  • how it will be facilitated
  • how it will be evaluated 

What does a ‘typical’ People Results’ Tailored Leadership Program look like?

Let’s take a look at Proactive Leadership, a Customised Leadership Program we recently designed and delivered in collaboration with a major client in the Health and Medical Devices field. 


Proactive Leadership is a two-day customised leadership and peer mentoring program developed for Team Leaders who manage people and processes in a highly-technical and controlled manufacturing environment.  They manage teams that differ in size from approximately 15 to over 90 team members.  All products are highly technical and different products require a variety of precision manufacturing processes and skills. 


Ten highly-motivated front-line supervisors with little or no prior formal management or leadership training. 

Key Learning Objectives

  • Growth of self-knowledge and self-confidence as a manager and team leader.
  • Heightened awareness of how different people behave, their preferred communication styles and how to make adjustments.
  • Improved interpersonal communication skills with a focus on listening skills and how to plan and conduct respectful conversations.
  • Enhanced knowledge and competence in the following practices:
    • giving feedback
    • problem-solving
    • handling conflict constructively
    • meeting facilitation
    • consultation
    • delegation
  • Greater autonomy by having the skills and confidence to handle situations and events within the team leader's areas of responsibility.
  • A proactive approach to leading through assertive, respectful communication with team members, managers and others.
  • Team-building by having gained a greater understanding of the people, skills, experience and resources in the extended team.  

Program Design

In consultation with senior managers, we incorporated a number of unique learning elements that served several purposes.  Participants were fully engaged in learning through doing as well as helping others learn.  The structure of the Program was designed to encourage additional learning on the job and to reinforce the learning outcomes in the formal training sessions.

The Program’s major element of a customised two-day training course featured a variety of experiential activities, individual and group sharing and facilitated interactive discussions.  The Program facilitator de-briefed the on-the-job learning outcomes and the peer mentoring at the beginning of Day 2.  

Program resources included an extended purpose-written case study, a psychometric assessment and individual reports that opened up new ways for managers to observe and communicate with senior managers, peers and direct reports. 

Evaluating the Program's Effectiveness 

This Program was evaluated on a range of criteria and received a 93% satisfaction rating from participants.  Feedback at a follow-up meeting some weeks after the Program was delivered was very positive with significant changes having taken place in the participants’ leadership, management and teamwork behaviours, practices and confidence. 

Follow-up Interventions 

Ongoing meetings with the Senior Managers and a group meeting attended by the Program participants.   This group meeting was led by the Program facilitator and covered an agenda of the outcomes from the Program including:

  • individual achievements
  • the changes in the team dynamics
  • the challenges for participants using their new skills and making changes
  • current and future goals for participants

Developing Your Leadership Team

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