Executive Women Mentoring Workshop


Successful women leaders have all experienced the learning crucible of their apprenticeship years.  Challenged on multiple fronts, they had to develop strong self-belief in their abilities to lead, to aim high and reach their potential.  They backed themselves and were constantly learning, adapting and growing their confidence and capabilities through their self-challenging experiences, decisions and actions.  Running through the minds of these high achievers were many searching questions such as:

Am I ready?

What is holding me back from all that I can be?

How can I become more confident, strong and resilient?

While every woman’s leadership journey is uniquely personal, the experiences and insights of high-achieving senior women are relevant and illuminating.  Having experienced the highs and the lows, they have been strong and stayed the course.  Their distilled knowledge, insights and strategies are now available to the current generation of women leaders in People Results’ Leading Women Mentoring Program. 

Expand your executive confidence and capabilities by attending the Executive Women Group Mentoring Program.  Supported by the latest research and enriched by lived experience, this exclusive Program highlights the strategies and practices that work best to manage self-doubt, to thrive in a senior role and achieve one’s career goals.

Who Should Attend

Women leaders and aspiring leaders who hold management and senior professionals positions across the public and private sectors, including business, government, corporate, non-profit and professional services.

Key Outcomes

  • Significantly increased self-knowledge and confidence
  • An understanding of the stepping-up process and how to navigate it
  • How to develop a growth-centred mindset as a key success factor
  • Valuable take-outs from senior women’s experiences and insights
  • How to get through to the other side of challenges and difficulties
  • How to manage self-doubt and turn lapses in confidence around
  • How to build more executive impact and career momentum
  • Enhanced levels of personal motivation, drive and direction 

Workshop Description

Executive Women Mentoring is a dynamic, small group executive development experience.  Expertly facilitated over a day, this leadership development program is experiential, collaborative and highly engaging.  Its topic headings and inclusions are: 

Module 1:  Building Confidence and Capability

  • Managing the Challenges of Transition to a Senior Role
  • Applying the Key Elements of Growth-Centred Leadership
  • The Power and Possibilities of the Confident Mindset

Module 2:  Gaining Equilibrium and Resilience

  • Managing High-Pressure People and Situations
  • Choosing When to Step In and When to Step Out
  • Developing as an Influential and Resolute Leader

Module 3:  Leadership Impact and Momentum

  • Success Pathways:  Achievements and Insights of Senior Women
  • Seven Practical Strategies for Influence and Impact
  • Sustainability and Personal Fulfilment in a Senior Role

Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea. 
Executive Women Mentoring Resource Guide 
Action Commitments 
Certificate of Achievement

What Participants Say

I continue to derive many benefits from my participation in the workshop earlier this year.” – Senior Manager, State Government
The workshop highlighted key elements that you sometimes forget and I’m walking away with new confidence and direction.” – Operations Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company
“Very valuable, I felt enriched. It has helped me with building to the next level.” - Head, Professional Services Firm
“I found the program extremely helpful. I know what I need to do and how to do it.” – Change Manager, Major Telco
“I found the workshop to be a powerful experience. And I think it worked particularly well with the small group - very open and honest.” – General Manager, Financial Services

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