Influential Practices Workshop

The Challenges

“What should I do and say to become more influential?”

“What are the differences between power and influence?”

”How can I exercise influence in my organisation and also fit within the culture?”

“What are the right issues for me to choose to be influential?


Knowing how to influence is critical for managers and professionals to gain the support of senior executives, colleagues and key stakeholders.  Your personal influence can make the difference in places and with people over whom you have no direct authority.   In fact, your influence can lead to the success of a new initiative, or provide the missing piece of a complex puzzle or solve a long-standing dispute, to name just a few outcomes.

The Influential Practices One-Day Workshop emphasises why and how personal influence is an ethical practice with positive outcomes for teams and organisations as well as at the personal level of career success.

Who Should Attend 

Government, corporate and professional leaders and managers who seek to develop their abilities to be influential and contribute in the most effective ways to the agendas, discussions and decisions within their organisations and in selected external forums.

Key Outcomes

  • Understanding what makes up the influencing mindset and how to have personal influence without formal authority.
  • A practical, proven influencing process and tool-kit of strategies and skills for influencing in different organisational situations.
  • Enhanced abilities and confidence to be effective in challenging environments and to influence stakeholders with varying needs and agendas.
  • Knowledge and experience in adapting current behaviours and adding new ones to become more influential.
  • Awareness of self-created and other barriers to effective influencing and how to overcome them.
  • How to create a web of relationships that become valuable sources of personal influence.
  • Within an ethical framework, how to use personal influence to support career goals and success.
  • Identifying what and how to change in an action plan for future organisational, team and personal outcomes.

Workshop Description 

The Influential Practices Workshop is an insightful and motivating professional development program with practical outcomes.  Participants are engaged throughout with challenging and thought-provoking issues.  The focus is on experiential learning using stimulating case studies, lively group discussions, role plays and brainstorming activities. 

Module 1:  The Influencing Mindset      

  • Understanding Influence and its Sources
  • The Six Principles of Effective Influence

Module 2:  Influencing Strategies 

  • The Wheel and Spokes of Effective Influence
  • The Art and Practice of Give and Get
  • Clarifying Goals and Priorities 

Module 3:  Influencing Skills

  • Managing Relationships and Alliances
  • Key Aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • Identifying and Overcoming Barriers

Module 4:  Influencing Situations

  • Case Study Application of Influential Practices

Module 5:  Personal Influence Planning

  • How to Translate Learning into Workplace Initiatives
  • Creating an individual Action Plan



Workshop Inclusions  

  • A Personal Influence Assessment
  • Influential Practices Resource Guide
  • Arrival tea/coffee, lunch, morning and afternoon teas

What Participants Say

“Great course – excellent facilitation.  It is much easier to take on board when you have something to relate to in the case studies.”
Principal Policy Officer, Government department

“I enjoyed the interaction of discussing the cases in our groups.  It was interesting to see the frontline service people’s approach as my stakeholders are mostly internal.”
HR Manager, State Government

“Well presented with a good mix of theory and practical applications.”
Operations Manager, Industrial company

 “I thought the day flowed well, the time flew.”
Manager, Energy corporation 

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