Leading the Resilient Team Workshop

The Challenges

“How can we adapt quickly and effectively to unforeseen events?”

“What can be done to increase the team’s energy and motivation and get back to full strength quickly?”

“How can I communicate with and support the individuals in the team who are struggling?


Resilient teams respond quickly, decisively and effectively to unforeseen, unpredictable events. 

A major event or series of events occurring one after the other will test the agility and determination of team leaders and members alike.  Research studies have highlighted that, when individual and team resilience are high, organisational resilience is enhanced.  Not only do they survive but these organisations often grow and prosper through difficult times.

Moderate to high levels of individual and team resilience are therefore critical to an organisation’s success and sustainability.  People Results offers the insights, skills and strategies for personal and team resilience in Leading the Resilient Team Half-Day Workshop.

Who Should Attend 

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Business owners
  • Professionals in all disciplines 

Key Outcomes

  • Improved knowledge of resilience, where it comes from and how to gain more of it.
  • An understanding of how major change events impact on individual and team attitudes, behaviours and performances.
  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-management techniques to question and confront unhelpful ways of thinking and acting.
  • How to lead and manage others through difficult times including the typical stress reactions and the most effective coping mechanisms.
  • How to recognise and harness the strengths and experience of team members to meet all challenges.
  • Increased capacity for teams to be adaptable and ‘bounce forward’ quickly to full strength and top performances.

Workshop Description 

Leading the Resilient Team workshop is a dynamic, practical and interactive development program for small group delivery.  The emphasis is on active learning via a case study, guided exercises and lively group discussions.  We cover the following two modules:

Module 1:  Building Resilience      

  • Major change incidents and their impacts
  • The various components of resilience
  • The characteristics of highly-resilient people
  • Examples of resilience in operation 
  • Practice sessions

Module 2:  Strategies for Team Resilience

  • Communicating to build the team’s’ resilience
  • Encouraging adaptive behaviours
  • Consulting with and involving team members
  • Resilient teamwork:  5 Calls to Action
  • Practice sessions
  • Setting goals and action planning



Workshop Inclusions  

  • Arrival tea/coffee and morning tea.
  • Workshop materials
  • Leading the Resilient Team Resource Guide.
  • Follow-up telephone coaching by the facilitator for each participant.


What Participants Say

“Practical, relevant and covers a lot of ground – it should be required learning for all managers and team leaders.”
- Marketing Manager, non-profit organisation
“I liked the problem-solving approach.  Also plenty of opportunities to share ideas and discuss solutions with the group.”
- Project Team Leader, State Govt department
“Excellent facilitator who encouraged us to contribute our own experiences.  A really useful training course.”
- Operations Manager, General insurance company
“A worthwhile investment on all levels.”
- IT Manager, Major Engineering/construction company

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