Developing Leaders with Acumen, Presence and Insights

Even more specialised than executive coaching, a People Results’ Executive Mentoring program is the clear choice for purposeful yet reflective executive development.  

Finding a good mentor is not an easy task.   If we don’t have the right mentor to match your requirements, we proactively search for the right person through our extensive business and professional network.  We will then present you with a short-list of mentors.

A People Results’ Mentoring Program is highly effective for addressing the complexities and isolation of an executive role.  

Executive Mentoring Purposes

  • To provide a safe environment for the new executive to try out his/her ideas; 
  • To increase the length of tenure of key executives in your organisation ;
  • To produce higher levels of executive engagement and productivity;
  • To assist in the executive's  transition into a more senior leadership position;
  • To pass on best practices in leadership and business;

Key Outcomes - For the Executive:

  • Increased presence and self-assurance in a leadership role;
  • A faster integration into a senior executive role through accelerated learning;
  • Abilities to work through difficult leadership issues with expert input from your mentor;
  • Gaining access to broader sources of the mentor's knowledge, experience and network;
  • Enhanced business acumen and a deeper understanding of how the organisation functions;

Key Outcomes - For the Organisation:

  • Higher returns on the bottom-line from your investment in executive talent;
  • Increased awareness and discussion of corporate values and culture;
  • Passing the baton of executive wisdom on to the next generation of leaders;
  • Mitigating the risk of an inexperienced executive making a major wrong turn;
  • Reinforcement of a development culture throughout the organisation;
  • Increased retention levels and diversity in the senior management team;

A People Results' Executive Mentoring offers:

  • Careful matching of the right mentor with the executive mentee based on a range of criteria;
  • Regular communication with the HR manager, line manager, mentee and mentor to keep all parties informed;
  • Review and evaluation of the Program on an agreed schedule and reporting progress to your nominated stakeholders.

Contact us today by email or telephone 0421 998749 to discuss your leadership development objectives.  We look forward to having this conversation with you.