Networking Plus Workshop

The Challenges

‘”How can I gain more lasting benefits from my business networking?”

“I’ve seen how others effortlessly work the room.  How do they do it?”

“How can I become a skilled and assured communicator in social settings?”


Building a network of influential relationships is critical for managers and professionals across all industries and sectors.  Having a strategic network yields many benefits for our business, career and personal development.

Yet how can we be sure of gaining all these beneficial outcomes from our networking activities?  As a starting point, we need to develop a clear purpose and direction for our networking.  Another challenge is to be in control and self-assured as we approach and interact with individuals and groups we are meeting for the first time.

The People Results’ Networking Plus Half-Day workshop has networking covered from A to Z.  It includes purpose and planning, moving around a room, meeting and greeting others and making connections and how to initiate conversations.  The workshop also covers handling difficult networking situations, following up after the event and how to nurture and extend your network.

Who Should Attend 

Managers, team leaders, professionals, business owners, consultants and others who wish to improve their business networking skills and achieve consistently positive results.

Key Outcomes 

  • Having a clear purpose and direction for networking and gaining better outcomes.
  • Having a concise positioning statement to describe what you do.
  • Having the ability to converse with anyone at a moment’s notice.
  • How to make introductions smoothly and move into and out of groups and from group to group.
  • Knowledge of, and being able to apply, appropriate etiquette.
  • Being self-assured and poised  in many different networking situations
  • The best ways to follow up after the event.
  • How to organise, manage and build your network into a web of influential relationships.

Workshop Description 

Networking Plus is a practical and enjoyable professional development program that involves participants in their learning from the outset.  It includes a variety of individual and group learning activities and discussions in the following two modules:

Module 1:  The A to Z of Networking

  • The Dimensions of Networking
  • Creating a Web of Influential Relationships
  • What Works Best and What to Avoid
  • Building a Networking Pipeline
  • Purpose and Planning for Results

Module 2:  Key Skills for Networking Success

  • The Logistics of Arrival, the Room and Groups
  • Developing your Positional Statement
  • Introductions and Facilitating Connections
  • Having a Small Talk Repertoire
  • Asking and Answering Questions
  • Managing Difficult Situations
  • TheBest Waysto Follow-Up
  • Growing and Shaping your Network


Half Day

Workshop Inclusions  

  • Networking A to Z Self-Assessment
  • Arrival tea/coffee and morning tea
  • Networking Plus Resource Guide
  • Certificate of Achievemen

What Participants Say

"Very helpful - lots of ideas and tips!" - Senior Manager, Charity 

"I enjoyed the session." - Consultant, Professional Services. 

"Fantastic!  Look forward to another networking course when it becomes available." - Lending Specialist, Major Bank 

"Good content which will fit into my business well." - Senior Manager, Major Bank

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