Successful Negotiation Workshop

The Challenges 

‘How do I negotiate the best outcomes while keeping our business relationship on a solid footing for the future?’

‘I have to meet a deadline so what are my alternatives and how strong are they?’

‘What other sources of value can be introduced into the negotiation process?’


Successful Negotiation is a professional development workshop that provides the practical skills and applied experiences to become a self-assured and astute negotiator in diverse business, workplace and personal situations.

This dynamic workshop covers strategy and tactics, a reliable process, the key communication skills and, not least, how to develop the mindset of a successful negotiator.   The emphasis is on how to negotiate in the organisation’s best interests whilst cultivating excellent business relationships, now and into the future.

Who Should Attend 

Emerging leaders, managers and professionals across all disciplines who seek to develop excellent negotiation skills and achieve beneficial business and personal outcomes.

Key Outcomes

  • How to realise the greatest value and outcomes in various business and workplace situations through competent negotiation practices.
  • How to negotiate in the best interests of your organisation whilst enhancing existing business and stakeholder relationships and building new ones.
  • How to develop a strategic approach to negotiating in response to the particular needs of the situation.
  • How to lead a negotiation process using a clear step-by-step process.
  • How to communicate in the most effective ways during a negotiation meeting.
  • How to understand and counter the tactics of other parties.
  • How conclude all issues and reach agreement.
  • How to evaluate your own negotiations and keep improving with experience

Workshop Description 

Through an engaging case study, group discussions and activities, participants learn and practise the strategies, process and skills of negotiation in the following 5 modules:

Module 1:  Key Principles and Process

Learn the important principles and a clear, step-by-step process for negotiating effectively.

Module 2:  Preparing and Planning to Negotiate

Determine your strategy and objectives, understand the relative positions and interests of self and other parties.  Decide on tactics and analyse the likely variables, possible concessions and/or alternative options.

Module 3:  Communicating in Negotiations 

Various negotiation styles, questioning and listening skills, interpretation and control of non-verbal communication.

Module 4:  The Negotiation Meeting

Creating a positive climate, establishing opening positions, exploring underlying interests, being flexible and willing to trade, making and gaining concessions, how to counter the tactics of other parties.

Module 5:   Negotiating a Sustainable Agreement

Taking account of the long-term effects, examining the fine print and ambiguities, terms and conditions, timing and review of the whole process.


One Day

Workshop Inclusions  

Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Teas

Successful Negotiation Course Guide

Certificate of Achievement

What Participants Say

“Valuable insights into how to be a successful negotiator.  A very productive training and learning workshop.”
- Procurement Manager, Local Government

“The facilitator listened carefully to the needs of the group and what was delivered related to the negotiation issues I have encountered.”                   
- Operations Manager, Insurance Company

“Concepts were clarified well and will become a solid foundation to advance and grow my skills on.”
- Team Leader, Utilities Provider

“A learning experience that was easily understood, yet extremely powerful.”                   
- Marketing Manager, Financial Services

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