Executive Coaching Programs

Newly-appointed CEO, Non-profit Organisation

“I was not expecting to be in a senior executive role for a few more years. When our Chairman asked me to take on the CEO role, I accepted the offer because I saw it as one of those career opportunities that don’t come along every day.  I was apprehensive and felt unprepared. 

Our Chairman was very supportive and suggested that we contract an executive coach for the first twelve months.  An old colleague referred me to People Results.  I have found working with an executive coach to be extremely rewarding - professionally and personally.  My coach is an always-accessible resource of knowledge, experience, contacts and support.  Our sessions have been invaluable for me to make a successful transition into my first senior leadership role. 

I’m gaining confidence in my own leadership and how I interact with the Board and my senior team.  I know where we are heading and how we are going to get there.”

Operations Manager, Mining Heavy Equipment

“Matt was ready for promotion in terms of his technical knowledge and experience but was being held back because of his abrasive personality, his inability to collaborate and his shortcomings as a team leader.  As his manager, I was constantly hearing about problems resulting from Matt’s poor communication and interpersonal skills.  He was a “one-man band” type.  At management meetings, he didn’t participate in the discussions and decisions.  With his team members, he could be abrupt and dismissive of others’ views and would become angry and blaming if someone did not perform to his expectations or made a mistake.  Matt had been judged “too risky” to be promoted into a more senior position. 

Our investment in a six-month coaching program with People Results’ is producing excellent returns.  Matt is now actively involved and is a good contributor in our management meetings; he is well prepared and active in the discussions.  His intolerance and volatility have been replaced by a much calmer, more considered management style.  From what I’ve heard and observed, Matt is becoming a better listener.  He is more patient and better at managing the different personalities in his team.    Matt’s prospects with the company are looking up.  Last month we were able to promote him into a regional management role.”

Product Development Manager and Technical Claims Manager – General Insurance Company

“Thank you for the recent one-on-one executive coaching programs you arranged for two of my managers.  Both Mandy and Paul have been positive about their coaching sessions and how it is helping them.  Also I can see the evidence of how they have improved their skills and performances during the major changes and adjustments in our company.

Mandy started to do things differently straight away.  She has implemented the new skills and insights from her coaching sessions.   Mandy is becoming a leadership role model for peers and her team members. 

Paul recently volunteered to prepare and deliver a presentation to the Board.  Also I haven’t had to chase him to get his reports in on time for the last two months.  He’s showing increased focus and commitment.  Most important, Paul has started to repair his relationships and build his credibility.  This will take more time and consistent performances from Paul over the next few months but I’m confident he will get there.”

Executive Presence Program

Since it was first delivered in September 2010, the Executive Presence workshop has become our most popular short program. Many hundreds of talented managers and senior professionals have attended the workshop, either one of our public workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and internally.  Over this five-year period, we have received hundreds of endorsements from participants and attach some of them under the main headings of public sector organisations and private sector organisations.   PLEASE CLICK HERE for Executive Presence Participants' Testimonials.

Since 2010,  this Program has been reviewed, revised and modified on a number of occasions.   For 2016, we can announce some minor changes to its content, a restructuring of topics and different learning activities. 

What will not alter in 2016, however, is the course duration which remains at a half-day which the majority of clients and participants find time-efficient and beneficial.

Talent Development Programs

"Executive Presence is a very useful, well structured and well presented Program; I took a lot away from it.  Also, the style that you present with is unintimidating and encouraging of an open forum in which it is easy to build rapport.  I have often found it difficult to tick all of those boxes in previous leadership seminars I have been to, so my compliments to you on this program."
-Senior Manager, Global Accounting firm

"I found the course to be extremely informative.  Thank you for the great facilitation, yet again I had another great learning experience with you."
- Human Resources Manager, State Government Department

"Found the course to be a fantastic way to absorb knowledge/ideas to help project a more confident, professional way of working with others."
- Marketing Manager, Property Development company

"I enjoyed the interactive sessions and peer group exercises.  I believe this workshop to be a great benefit to emerging leaders."
Senior Executive, State Government department

"The facilitator listened carefully to the needs and requirements of the group and carefully planned a learning experience that was at once simple, yet extremely powerful."
Sales and Marketing Director, Publishing company

"A safe environment was provided that enabled everyone to participate and be open. People weren't "forced" to speak but encouraged."
HR Director, State Government

"Excellent course.  Good length of time to deliver."
Manager, Energy Corporation

"Enjoyable, effective and insightful.  Thanks."
Senior Executive, Government Agency

"Really interesting course.  Went very quickly and was most engaging."
General Manager, Engineering Firm

"Very useful.  Conversations are tricky and some of the mysteries were demystified!"
Liaison Officer, State Government department

"Excellent day - gave me a lot of confidence and tips for future presentations!  Plenty of opportunity to discuss the issues pertinent to me."
Senior Consulting Engineer, Professional Services firm

"I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. Case studies were very helpful.  The group size was ideal and I felt that I got a great deal out of the content and discussion."
Executive Manager, State Government department

"It is not often you stand back and look at how you present yourself to others.  This Program was eye-opening.  Well done!"
General Manager, Non-Profit Organisation

"I enjoyed myself, learnt a great deal about the tools I've always had and energised myself to make the changes."
Development Director, Construction company

"Found the workshop very insightful and hopefully there are a few things I can now apply in my role."
Senior Manager, Major Australian Bank