The Confidence Advantage Workshop


Recent research studies have identified some significant new findings about confidence.  One such factor is that confidence is a more powerful enabler of success at work and in a variety of contexts, even eclipsing competence.  One eminent researcher expresses it as:  Confidence is the most important factor.  It turns our thoughts into judgments about what we are capable of, and transforms those judgments into actions.”         (Professor R.E. Petty, Ohio State University)

These findings reinforce the critical importance for women to make the choices and take the actions that continually build and bolster our self-belief and confidence.  In fact, confidence is a catalyst for us to take action.  People Results’ The Confidence Advantage: Key Influencing Skills Workshop provides the insights, practical skills and mentoring for women to become more confident and influential in their interpersonal communication and leadership practices.   We focus on such stimulating issues and questions as:

- Do I underestimate my own strengths and achievements?

- Am I vocal and articulate in management and team meetings?

- How can I be more confident in asking for what I need and want?

Who Should Attend

Managers, senior professionals, senior consultants and team leaders in a diverse range of public and private sector organisations. 

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced levels of self-belief and self-confidence
  • How to overpower self-doubts and hidden barriers to success
  • Proven practical techniques and skills to boost confidence levels
  • How to be influential, positive and assertive in senior meetings
  • When and how to say “No” in a constructive tone and manner
  • How to initiate, prepare and conduct an asking conversation.
  • Effective ways to reboot and sustain confidence levels over time
  • Understanding and dealing with personal challenges and blind-spots
  • Identifying and prioritising my goals and next steps 

Program Description

The Confidence Advantage Key Influencing Skills is a small group workshop with a variety of interactive discussions, experiential activities, group mentoring, videos and case studies. It covers the following major topics:

Module 1: The Confidence Advantage

  • Confidence:  Our Most Important Enabler
  • Overpowering Self-Doubts and Barriers to Success
  • Confidence Building Insights and Practices

Module 2: Influential Interactions

  • Positively-Assertive Influencing Strategies and Skills
  • Influencing Others Effectively in Groups and Senior Forums
  • When and How to Say ‘No’ Confidently and Well

Module 3:  The Art of Asking

  • Understanding and Overcoming Reluctance to Ask
  • Preparing for and Conducting Asking Conversations
  • Deciding on Priorities and Planning the Next Steps


  • Arrival tea/coffee, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
  • The Confidence Advantage Resource Guide (hard copy)
  • Individual Action Plan
  • Certificate of Achievement
Participants' Feedback

“I found the course to be invaluable.  I’ve been unsure and hesitant to back myself in the past and now I understand why.  The topics and techniques we covered today are excellent, very useful and practical.”  -Senior Policy Officer, Government

“I feel motivated to do things differently.  In future, I will be confident and act when I’m 70% sure and not keeping waiting for 100%.”    -Senior Professional, Major Bank

“The workshop is an excellent grounding to become more confident and influential.  I’m keen to put many of these positively-assertive skills into action.” -Claims Manager, Insurance

“Having confidence is more critical than I imagined.  I have learnt a great deal about the confidence factor and how to apply it.  I will make it happen!”    -Marketing Manager, Healthcare

“I enjoyed the day immensely and personally took a lot away from the variety of engaging activities and discussions.”  - Finance Manager, FMCG

“I’m walking away with new confidence and direction.” – Executive Director, Government

“This was a great opportunity to pause and take account of my own needs, to focus on my strengths and to connect with other women with similar aspirations and challenges.”  - IT Manager, Logistics

"Really highlighted my need to trust in my own abilities more and value my input.  I can start doing that by acting and stop hesitating."  - Team Manager, Government 

"Great workshop!  Very informative and interesting.  Many useful tools were provided." - Senior Administration Officer, Not-for-Profit

"The difference is now I view myself as a member of the senior team.  I'm at the table to do a job and I'm not feeling like I have to prove something." - Senior Lawyer, major retailer

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