WomenSpeak Half-Day Workshop

The Challenges 

- Is your voice being heard with clarity and conviction during group meetings and other forums?

- Recognise your speaking style and identify what to modify and improve about how you produce and project your voice.

- Elevate your presence as an influential contributor at the team and organisational levels.


When people come together in groups and meetings at work, are you being heard?  Do you speak with ease and confidence?  Or are you unsure about when and how to enter the discussion?  Is your voice obscured by others?  Do you communicate actively in some meetings, but not in others?

Our communication style can be an impediment to being regarded as a strong contributor and someone who has presence and professional credibility.  To be viewed as a valued contributor, it is important to be both seen and heard in meetings and other key organisational forums. 

The WomenSpeak Half-Day workshop addresses how women can connect with their most powerful voice by modifying and enhancing their natural voice to achieve greater impact and credibility.

Who Should Attend 

Women managers, professionals, consultants, team leaders and team members across all organisations in the business, government, professional services and non-profit sectors.  

Key Outcomes

- Recognise your natural speaking style and identify what to modify and improve
- How to develop your voice so others are able to hear your points
- Knowledge of the effects of anatomy on voice production
- How to use your breathing to strengthen and support your voice
- How to enhance your voice clarity and voice projection
- How to gain entry to a discussion when everyone else is talking
- How to communicate more effectively in groups and elevate your profile

Workshop Description 

Module 1:  Voice Principles and Techniques

  • Understanding the Anatomy of Voice and the Components of Speech
  • Our Social Conditioning and Speech
  • How to Embrace and Enhance Your Natural Voice
  • Techniques and Exercises for Voice Production
  • Techniques and Exercises for Speech Clarity

Module  2:  Developing Your Most Powerful Voice

  • Major Voice Challenges and Issues for Women 
  • Techniques and Exercises to Boost Voice Projection
  • Pitfalls and How to Avoid/Correct Them
  • Cultivating Awareness and How to Keep Improving
  • Developing a Next-Steps Action Plan


Half Day

Workshop Inclusions  

  • Arrival tea/coffee, Morning Tea
  • WomenSpeak Course Guide
  • Certificate of Achievement

What Participants Say

"Really great program with real-life actions that can help change.  Excellent opportunity to interact with peers int he female leadership space."  - Digital Marketing Manager, Major Credit Union 

"I can take what was covered today and use many of the techniques in my day-to-day work practices."  - Team Leader, Non-Profit Organisation 

"Very worthwhile.  I will b edoing my voice exercises and vocal projections in the car."  - National Coordinator, Healthcare 

"Presented in a simple and clear manner.  Relaxed and a good group."  - Manager, State Government Department 

"Very useful information presented in a very approachable way."  - Manager, Major Insurer 

"Very interesting and valuable workshop." - Manager, Government-owned Corporation 

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